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In these unusual times…..Knitting kits anyone?

In these unusual times I was trying to think what to fill my time with and what others might like. I find my creativity has dried up a bit but luckily I had a fruitful time recently so working on a number of new designs in some lovely light summer yarns but thinking of this time I thought that we knitters would like something that is just ready for knitting so kits seems to be the best.

A pattern and yarn, ready to go and get stress released.

So what about a great Breton pullover in pure cotton. or a lovely poncho in Adele’s new giftboxes which  are possibly the most wonderful collection of fibre I have seen in years. Pretty as a picture. Breton coverup and Adele’s giftboxes

Adele’s mohair kit

Stay well and isolated to get through this time and hopefully we are out and about soon.

P.S For now we are still sending out orders but not sure how feasible this will be if Boris Johnson calls a lockdown but will try keep open as long as possible.